Building and maintaining a new home is a big responsibility. Take a few moments to read through the following answers to some popular questions. Should these responses not answer your initial questions, feel free to contact our Sales Team about the home buying process or our Customer Care Team about warranty and service-related issues.

  • Q: Is my home under warranty?

    Your home includes the Oakwood Home Builder’s Limited Warranty. For detailed information on what’s included in this warranty please reference your Homeowner Guidebook. In addition to the Home Builder’s Limited Warranty, Oakwood Homes provides each homeowner with Oakwood’s Customer Care during the one-year period from date of closing, or the date of occupancy – whichever comes first.

    All warranty requests should be submitted in writing using the warranty request form.

  • Q: Is the homesite included in the purchase price?

    Each community has different lot premiums unique to their exposure, size and location.  Whenever searching for a home site, it’s best to connect with our expert sales counselors onsite as they can find a home site that works for your personal needs, lifestyle and budget.

  • Q: What is the High Performance Guarantee?

    Oakwood Homes builds every home above ENERGY STAR® standards which is described through our High Performance Guarantee. This is a promise that every home is built to the highest level of quality and tested by an independent 3rd party to ensure our high standard in every home.

    Read more about the Oakwood High Performance Guarantee

  • Q: I have an emergency after hours. What should I do?

    If you have an emergency situation happen after hours, please reference your emergency sticker (located in the cabinet under the kitchen sink) and contact the appropriate vendor listed on the sticker.

  • Q: What is considered an emergency?

    The following is considered an emergency by our Customer Care Team:

    • Loss of heat in the winter
    • Water leaking inside the home
    • Gas leak
    • Loss of electricity (your house being the only home on your block without power)

    Note: A non-functioning air conditioner is not considered an emergency.

    Useful Tips:

    If you have loss of heat this means that your furnace is not working correctly. Make sure that your furnace filter has been recently replaced, and the furnace has been reset.

    If you have a water leak in your home, turn off the main water line in the house. This will usually be located in the utility room. The handle for the water line will be parallel when it is on so make sure that it is vertical once you shut the water off.

    If there is no power in your home, check to see if the surrounding houses are lit. If your house is the only house without power you will need to check your breaker to make sure that all of the switches are in the ON position. If all of the switches are on then you will need to contact your associated power company first (e.g. Xcel Energy or IREA) then contact the number on your emergency sticker.

  • Q: I sent an email to Customer Care. When can I expect a response?

    Our Customer Care Team is available Monday-Friday 8am – 4pm Mountain Time. We receive and respond to support tickets and phone calls during this time.

  • Q: Why is my house vent fan constantly running?

    The whole house vent fan will run continuously to keep the air circulating in your home. The fan is located in one of the bathrooms.

  • Q: How often should I change my furnace filter?

    Furnace filters should be changed every 30 days.

  • Q: When should I turn my sprinkler system off for the season?

    You should turn your sprinkler system off mid-September to the beginning of October. It should remain off through winter months (In Colorado through April) to avoid pipes from bursting. Please make sure all hoses are disconnected from the hose bib or spigot as well.

    Useful tip:

    To protect young trees from cold winter weather, it is recommended that you wrap your tree with tree wrap. Keep the tree wrapped from mid-September to May.

  • Q: How long is my landscaping under warranty?

    Landscaping is covered under warranty for one growing season.

  • Q: Are the cracks in my concrete covered under warranty?

    In order for concrete cracks to be considered warrantable the cracks must be ¼ of an inch wide or ¼ inch deep. If the crack is ¼ of an inch wide or deep, the crack will be repaired one time only. After the one time repair, any other concrete cracks are home owner maintenance.

  • Q: Are my appliances covered under the Oakwood warranty?

    Oakwood Homes does not warrant any appliances. Appliances are covered under warranty through the appliance manufacturer. Appliances include the stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.

    Appliance warranty cards should be sent to the appliance manufacturer within 14 days of your closing date. Warranty registration is also available online.

    All warranty requests for appliances must be submitted through the appliance manufacturer by the home owner. Be sure you have the appliance serial number and model number on hand when you call to schedule a warranty appointment.

  • Q: My recessed light just went out. Why?

    Recessed lights have a thermal switch that may turn off if the light gets over-heated. Once it cools itself down it will reset and turn back on. Sometimes this can take a few hours.

  • Q: Can I receive pricing prior to my visit?

    Since no two houses are the same, we don’t provide pricing in advance.  Group numbers, floor plan, and structural options all affect your overall pricing at NHC. Your community Sales Counselor will be able to provide you with an average upgrade amount we are currently seeing other home buyers building your same plan investing in NHC upgrades. Rest assured, your designer will help guide you to selections to fit within the personal budget you have communicated. The choices are always yours.

  • Q: What do I need to bring to my appointments?

    Create a budget for your interior choices. Speaking with your home loan officer to identify your buying power and estimated monthly payments prior to your New Home Center design appointments can help you not feel overwhelmed based on pricing alone. Also, bring inspiration for design styles you want your new home to look like.

  • Q: Can we pay for all of our upgrades out of pocket during our design appointment?

    We only collect a portion of your upgrades in the form of a deposit at your final design appointment. If you would like to pay for your upgrades out of pocket instead of rolling the price into your home load, you will need to speak with your lender to set up a plan for this at the time of your closing.

  • Q: Who should come to the appointments?

    Due to the busy nature of each appointment and the many choices to consider, it is important that only the decision makers are present to maximize your 1×1 time with your designer. It is recommended to not bring children to the design appointments. Safety is our main concern as we have loose heavy product samples that are not child friendly.

  • Q: How quickly after I write contract will I complete my interior choices?

    To keep your home on schedule and moving forward, you should expect to have all your design selections finalized within 30-45 days from contract depending on your market and sales purchase agreement.

  • Q: Is a deposit collected at the Design Center?

    Yes, bring a personal check, cashier’s check or money order to the final design appointment. We do not accept credit cards.  For deposit details refer to your purchase agreement or speak with your Sales Counselor for further clarification.

  • Q: How do we schedule our appointments?

    We will be reaching out directly to schedule your design appointments with one of our professional Interior designers shortly after you go under contract.

  • Q: Is my information protected & confidential?

    Personal information is confidential and submitted securely through DocuSign.

  • Q: Is a credit score increase guaranteed?

    It’s what we strive for, but there’s no guarantee.

  • Q: Do you charge for this service?

    No! This service is absolutely free; with no obligation to buy from Oakwood Homes (although we’re confident you’ll want to)!

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