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Above Industry Standards

We understand that while saving energy is smart for everyone, individual comfort and savings are what matter most to our customers. Oakwood Homes builds every home beyond industry-leading energy requirements. We promise that 100% of our homes are tested by an independent third party to ensure your home meets or exceeds our high-performance Oakwood EnergySmart guarantee.*



  • 20% More Efficient

    Way Lower

    Our low-flow water fixtures with an EPA WaterSense label are 20% more water efficient than average, comparable water fixtures. WaterSense labeled products meet EPA’s specifications for water efficiency and performance, and are backed by independent, third-party certification. **

  • Use 39% less energy

    Less Energy

    Our homes use 39% less energy annually compared to a resale home built to older standards.***

  • Save hundreds per year


    Save hundreds of dollars per year while maintaining comfort and value.†
    Savings vary per market. See a New Home Counselor for details.

Oakwood Homes supports global and national sustainability efforts by constantly evolving and reinventing home building. For example, using advanced building techniques, we pre-build walls, floors and trusses to give our homes consistent quality and maximum strength while using a minimum amount of wood and creating less waste.

  • Heat in / Heat Out


    Advanced high-performance windows keep heat in during winter and out during summer, maintaining comfort while lowering costs.

  • More Comfort


    Your indoor air just went on a health kick! Oakwood Homes’ ultra-efficient heating and cooling systems reduce humidity, save energy, and improve comfort.

HERS & Ours

The Lower the Better

RESNET Energy SmartA Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is a nationally recognized system for inspecting and calculating a home’s energy efficiency. The Energy HERS Rating Report for your home is based upon an evaluation prepared at the time of purchase by a third-party certified RESNET rater.

The HERS rating of your home will be based on the evaluation of:

  • Exterior Walls
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Roofs
  • Attics
  • Foundations
  • Crawlspaces
  • HVAC Systems
  • Thermostat
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Vents & Ductwork

The lower the number, the more efficient your house is. Here’s a HERS Index of an average resale home vs. an Oakwood home.

See the savings for yourself!

Oakwood Homes HERS index


Ratings vary per market. See a New Home Counselor for details.

Guaranteed to Save

Confident that the homes we build are the smartest, most energy-efficient choice around, we’ll even guarantee it with our Oakwood EnergySmart Guarantee! This guarantee means that, for two years after your home is built, Oakwood Homes guarantees that your energy usage will not exceed the Energy HERS Rating Report for your home’s estimated energy usage or you will be reimbursed 100% of the excess based on your annual usage.‡

You can take that promise to the bank.

*Oakwood Homes is officially registered as an EnergySmart Builder with RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network), a recognized national standards-making body for building energy efficiency rating and certification systems in the United States. Oakwood Homes has utilized the services and recommendations of a third-party certified RESNET rater in making the energy saving statements in this brochure. All information is based on certified ratings information that is widely available to the public and to certified energy rating professionals. **Oakwood Homes strives to follow optimal water saving standards by using WaterSense labeled fixtures when available and exclusive of exterior bib hoses or other irrigation. Learn more about WaterSense, the leading national standard for water efficiency, at https://www.epa.gov/watersense. *** The average Oakwood Home uses 39% less energy than a home built to the minimum requirements of the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code prescriptive path for residential structures. † Average monthly savings are estimated based on the average HERs rating, estimated average usage, and comparable sized homes based on the average square footage of an Oakwood Home in 2018 in the Colorado/Utah marketplace. The average yearly savings claimed per home are based of the standard energy use in a home prior to move-in. Plugging in large appliances and personal/family energy consumption habits will change the overall saving opportunity. We encourage customers to be well educated on energy saving procedures and to be conscious of how their appliances consume energy. ‡ All reimbursements are subject to Oakwood Homes conducting an energy audit and determining that you have (a) prudently used windows and doors when the HVAC system is in operation, (b) operated the HVAC system according to the manufacturer’s recommendation (including routine maintenance), (c) changed the HVAC and vent filters as recommended, (d) maintained the thermostat setting at no higher than 70º degrees during the heating season and no lower than 76º in the cooling season, (e) not made an alteration/renovation to your home that has an adverse and material impact on the energy efficiency of your home, (f) maintained and submitted the monthly usage tracking chart and supporting documentation, and (g) if energy usage is above the amount specified in the Energy HERS Rating Report, submitted claims within 60 days following the first anniversary of closing for first year coverage and within 60 days after second anniversary of closing for second-year of coverage. Oakwood Homes will make reimbursements within ninety days after receipt of a completed request and energy inspection. Oakwood Homes will not honor incomplete or untimely reimbursement requests. Disputes regarding reimbursement are subject to resolution by mandatory arbitration as provided in your purchase agreement.

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