Energy Efficiency

Lower impact on the environment and your wallet

Providing homeowners with the most comprehensive Guaranteed Energy Program around, Oakwood Homes is the Smart Choice for energy efficient new homes in Colorado and Utah. With every home built to our High Performance Guarantee, you can be rest assured that your home, along with every other Oakwood home, will have a lower impact on our natural environment and your pocket book.

Every home we build is tested to ensure it stands up to our high quality standards and meets the High Performance Guarantee we promise with every home delivered. Not only are you getting the most home for the least amount of money, you are also getting the most energy efficient home.

Our homes are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to the minimum code requirements. They are independently verified by a third-party Home Energy Rater to ensure they meet our high standards of efficiency. These homes are better for the environment and better for you while reducing your monthly costs and providing better long-term home value.

Our Guarantee

Performance Guarantee for every home built (exceeding national energy performance standards). Due to this, Oakwood Homes now offers Guaranteed Energy Bills on every home built.

Above Industry Standards

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