5 Benefits of a Move-In Ready Home

October 11th, 2021

5 Benefits of a move-in ready home

It’s about more than just a timeline.

Many home buyers who are searching for new builds in Colorado tend to think along the lines of a complete custom-built home. The notion of building a house from the ground up is exciting to many. So is the idea of being the very first owner. Everything is built to their tastes and preferences, and there’s often very little compromise necessary during the construction process.

There are a lot of benefits to building your own home. But building a house from scratch can also take a lot of time.

There’s Another Way

Here at Oakwood Homes, we know there’s another way to do it. We keep an excellent selection of quick move-in homes in Colorado that give potential buyers a jump-start on the timeline. Rather than waiting months for a new house to be built, our ready-to-move-in homes are basically already built. They’re just waiting for the right buyer to make them their very own. Because the majority of the construction is already done, the move-in timeline is much shorter. These homes are the ideal solution for home buyers who need an accelerated move-in date due to uncontrollable circumstances, such as the sale of another house or a transfer into town to start a new job.

What Makes Move-In Ready Homes So Special?

There are other benefits to purchasing a quick move-in home from Oakwood Homes besides a shortened timeline. Here are a few other features that make this an attractive option for new home buyers in Colorado.

#1. A location that facilitates connections.

Many home builders in Colorado — including Oakwood Homes — are building easily walkable neighborhoods situated near some of life’s necessities, such as grocery stores or farmers markets, dry cleaners, and coffee shops. Most neighborhoods have playgrounds on the property, as well as a swimming pool and clubhouse. These features and others help new residents meet people quickly and start building friendships with others who live nearby. Many new home neighborhoods have on-site event planners that manage a social calendar for the community, setting up classes and maintaining the clubhouse rental calendar. New residents get the advantage of all this when they purchase a quick move-in home in the neighborhood.

#2. A home with personalized upgrades.

Move-in ready homes have the same level of quality workmanship throughout the house as custom-built homes. That applies to the interior, too. Many of these homes already have top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances, high-grade carpeting and other floorings, and the latest in kitchen countertops, lighting, and storage solutions. Open floor plans invite owners — and their guests — to come in and stay for a while. And backyard spaces need only a green thumb to transform them into something magical.

Of course, homeowners can also add some of the finishing touches before moving in. Many home builders have design assistants to help buyers complete the feature selection process and ensure that everything is the way they want it prior to the move-in date.

#3. A house that can be toured ahead of time.

One significant benefit of quick move-in homes in Colorado is the ability to walk through the house before purchasing it. This is something that can only be done on paper with a custom-built home. New home buyers have the luxury of walking through a quick move-in home before making a purchase decision. This allows them to picture themselves living there, entertaining friends or raising a family. This benefit is especially useful for those who are visual — those who need to see to believe.

#4. A reduction in maintenance and upkeep.

Since move-in-ready homes are brand-new, there’s no need to worry about the air conditioner going out or the number of years left on the roof. No one has lived in the house, so there’s no previous owner who might withhold critical information during the sale process. Ready-to-move-in homes come with the same warranty that many of the other new builds in Colorado do. This is a comfort, knowing that annoying out-of-pocket expenses are kept to a minimum.

#5. A home that’s energy-efficient.

Many new home builders maintain a focus on the environment. All their new builds in Colorado — including move-in-ready homes — are built with the latest in construction materials and building practices, creating homes that are as gentle on the environment as possible. Energy Star-rated kitchen appliances help owners save on utility bills, as do LED lighting and energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems. Many homes even feature water-saving features.

At Oakwood Homes, we go above and beyond when it comes to energy savings. Our new homes use an average of 39% less energy annually than homes built to older energy standards. This saves residents of our communities hundreds of dollars per year on utility costs.

We’re so confident that our new homes — including our ready-to-move-in-homes — are built to the highest energy efficiency standards that we guarantee it with our Oakwood EnergySmart Guarantee. If the energy use in one of our homes exceeds the industry’s rating standards within two years of purchase, we’ll reimburse the owner 100% of the excess based on their annual energy usage. We like to say we put our money where our mouth is.

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