5 Perks of Living in a Master-Planned Community

August 24th, 2021

5 Perks of Living in a Master-Planned Community

Today’s new homes come with more than just four walls.

Anyone who has looked at new construction recently has probably heard the phrase master-planned community. They’re all the rage in large cities these days, and for good reason. These developments create a new home community unlike others in the area, sporting amenities from pickleball courts to onsite spas. As the home building industry lights up because of rising demand, low interest rates, and consumers’ re-evaluation of available living options, home builders in Colorado and other parts of the country are having a heyday. Many are having a tough time keeping up with demand.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, new home sales are up 18.8 percent this year in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This growth is spurred by maturing Millennials ready to purchase a home for the first time. Part of this growth is also due to the transient nature of jobs these days. The work-from-home culture driven by necessity during the pandemic has encouraged many employees to reevaluate what they do for a living — and the location from which they do it. Many disenchanted workers are fleeing large, overcrowded cities for smaller ones with a lower cost of living.
New home builders in Colorado Springs and similar-sized cities have discovered that master-planned communities fit the social needs of homebuyers while offering the space and privacy they desire for a growing family.

Master-Planned Communities Defined

A master-planned community is thoughtfully designed to combine residential housing with lifestyle elements. These communities consist of new construction homes and amenities that keep homeowners stimulated and engaged in the activities they’re most interested in. One of the key drivers of a master-planned community is walkability. Everything needed is within easy walking distance from home.
Oakwood Homes specializes in creating master-planned communities that meet the needs of every homeowner. Our communities feature new homes in Colorado that have all the latest in modern design features, appliances, technology, and safety, and also feature amenities such as walking trails, playgrounds, pools, and clubhouses. Socializing with neighbors has never been easier!

Here are five primary benefits that homeowners love in master-planned communities.

#1. Amenities.

Amenities top the list for buyers looking for new homes in a neighborhood that fits their lifestyle. Master-planned communities are often targeted at a specific demographic with amenities that match. For instance, a 55-and-over community may have a fitness center, flexible spaces for yoga or cooking classes, and a clubhouse for game nights. A community targeted at Millennials may have all this but may also include playgrounds and swimming pools for the kids. The amenities are often what sell a buyer on a specific neighborhood.

Amenities may also expand just outside the community. Small shops, farmers markets, and restaurants are often nearby, as are services such as dry cleaning and drug stores. Having these places within walking distance gives residents a reason to get outdoors. It also cuts down on vehicle traffic within the community.

#2. Safety and security.

Many homeowners choose a master-planned community for the safety and security they offer. Some of these communities may have 24-hour security, gated entrances, and community watch groups that help keep residents and their homes safe. It’s not uncommon to find a small police or fire station on the property. With a high walkability score and less traffic, these communities are also safer for children who like to play outdoors, walk to school, or hang out at the playground or swimming pool when school lets out.

#3. Opportunities to socialize.

One of the features homeowners appreciate the most about living in a master-planned community is the ease with which they make friends. Many communities have a full calendar of onsite events that provide social opportunities throughout the week and on weekends. The builder, the metro district, or in some cases, on-site lifestyle directors plan the week’s events, keeping the community’s social calendar packed with fun, entertaining activities. This built-in interaction makes it easy to get to know the neighbors.

#4. Eco-friendly focus.

New builds in master-planned communities feature the most advanced technologies. Appliances and lighting systems are more energy-efficient, and smart-home technology abounds. Cell phones control everything from the grocery list on the refrigerator to the security system in the home. These technologies benefit the homeowner and make life easier in many ways, but the environment benefits from the energy efficiency, as well.

Another eco-friendly benefit of master-planned communities is the environmental benefit. Residents can walk to run errands, pick up groceries, or go to the gym, reducing the need for automobiles. Fewer vehicles mean less exhaust, which translates to better overall air quality in the neighborhood.

#5. Stable property values.

The homes in these mixed-use developments are cohesively designed, retaining their value better than homes in traditional housing developments. Homebuyers looking for a new place are looking at the whole package rather than a single house. Developers find that integrating residential, commercial, cultural, and institutional sites into a single community helps the property retain its value regardless of what the real estate market does overall.

Searching for “Home Builders Near Me”? Take a Look at Oakwood Homes

Oakwood Homes is one of Colorado’s premier developers of master-planned communities. Our new construction homes can be personalized to your specific tastes and needs, creating a space you love. And our neighborhoods suit your lifestyle. When we design communities, we focus on the word community — a group of people with similar interests. Our residential developments integrate beautiful homes with popular amenities like walking trails and green spaces. Your social life will pick up, too, because you’ll be surrounded by like-minded neighbors.

Contact us today for more information or to ask questions about our build process. At Oakwood Homes, you not only get the home you want but the neighborhood you want, too. We build communities where you can live, work, and play!