Making the Most of Your Home’s Living Spaces

May 21st, 2021

Making the Most of Your Living Space

New homebuilders in Denver present many options for comfortable indoor living.

With the recent emphasis on staying inside because of pandemic restrictions, many people are itching to get outdoors, especially now that the weather is warming up. There’s a lot to be said for enjoying a little fresh air and sunshine; it does wonders for the soul. But you don’t have to go outside to take advantage of everything your home has to offer. With the proper focus and attention to detail, you can enjoy indoor living spaces that fit your specific needs, whether you have an active family or a party of one.

New Homebuilders Build with You in Mind

Buying a new home in Colorado affords you a unique opportunity— that of designing indoor living spaces that work for you. No longer do you have to make do with someone else’s preferences. Many homebuilders in Colorado will work with you to create the spaces you’ve always dreamed of. This is one of the most significant benefits of working with new home builders rather than purchasing an existing house.

Another benefit to looking at new homes in Denver is that many new homebuilders—such as Oakwood Homes—have quick move-in homes that are nearly ready to occupy. This is ideal for homebuyers who are also selling a home at the same time. Starting with a quick move-in home rather than building from the ground up can really help cut down the stress and disruption involved in the moving process.

Creating Spaces that Work for You

Most new home builders in Colorado have design teams on staff to help you create a home that’s uniquely yours. These experts guide you through all the choices you’ll have to make when building a new home, from flooring to paint colors to kitchen cabinets and more.

Here are just a few spaces you can create that will help you enjoy spending more time inside

Movie theater.

Many homeowners love to watch TV, whether they’re watching sports events, movies, or the latest binge-worthy show on Netflix. Imagine watching all these and more in your own movie theater! It’s possible when you choose the right lighting, seating arrangement, and technology package. Add tiers to the room to hold theater-style lounge chairs. Install a screen that emerges from the ceiling and lighting that can be dimmed remotely. You might even add a microwave to a small end table so you can pop popcorn for the show. You’ll have so much fun you won’t even miss what’s going on outside!

Wet bar.

For folks who like to throw parties, a wet bar in the corner of the finished basement or rec room is a great addition. A wet bar serves a variety of purposes. It allows you to conveniently mix drinks for guests during parties and other gatherings. It frees up the kitchen, keeping it for food prep and cooking instead of congregating. And since a wet bar has its own plumbing, you can install a mini dishwasher, making cleanup easier—no more hauling dirty glasses and plates to the kitchen. It also saves on refrigerator space because all the party beverages can be stored in the mini-fridge. A wet bar allows you to invite guests in and entertain them in style.

Spa bathroom.

At the top of the list for many of today’s homeowners is a spa-style bathroom. It’s easy to create the right ambiance when you have natural surfaces like wood and stone, deep, warm colors, and soft lighting. These features can often be added during the design phase, as can a luxurious soaking tub, perfect for unwinding after a hectic day. Add some candles, soft music, and big fluffy towels, and you may never come out!

Designer kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, as they say. Homeowners who love to cook or entertain will appreciate having a designer kitchen filled with the latest appliances, cabinets, countertops, and lighting. A work island adds to the usable space, creating a focal point for all the activity. Clever storage cabinets keep unsightly clutter to a minimum. When buying a new home in Colorado, you’ll be able to choose the kitchen features that matter the most to you from a functionality and design perspective. Before you know it, you’ll be creating gourmet dishes for the next neighborhood gathering!

Flex room.

Many new home builders include a flex room in the floorplan. This room is just what its name implies: a room that can be turned into nearly anything. It could be turned into a nursery for a new baby or set up as a home office. Add bookshelves and comfy chairs, and it becomes a library. Fill it with weights and workout equipment, and you have your own home gym. A flex room can be anything you want it to be. The beauty of this space is that you can decide on its specific purpose later. The presence of this space allows your new home to grow with you.

Looking for Homebuilders in Colorado?

These are just a few of the indoor spaces that new home builders create for their clients. At Oakwood Homes, our state-of-the-art design centers are full of inspiring ways to personalize new homes in Denver. Whether you’re looking for a quick move-in home or you’re ready to start building from the ground up, we’ll help you create indoor spaces that ensure you never want to leave the house!