8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Floorplan

April 12th, 2021

choosing your floorplan

Questions to Ask When Deciding Your Colorado Home’s Layout

When choosing the floorplan for a new home in Colorado, the world can seem rife with possibility. After all, the floorplan is ultimately going to determine the living style and arrangement that your family is in for the length of your stay. It’s a big decision…which can lead to a lot of indecision if you can’t nail down what your future needs out of a home are going to be. You’re going to move in one way, but families expand, change – and with that – so will your routines. If you’re finding it hard to lock in on the perfect floorplan for you and your family, consider the following eight questions to help you decide what you’ll require out of your home from a space and a logistical standpoint.

1. How Many Bedrooms Do We Need?

This question should be at the top of your list, and you should think about not only where you’re at in life right now, but where you’re going to be in the next ten years. A good rule of thumb with bedrooms is to have one more than what you actually need. That bedroom can serve as a guest room for when you have family or friends over. In the event that your family expands, you can convert the guest bedroom into a nursery. Don’t be afraid to pick a floorplan that includes one or two more bedrooms than you need at the moment. Chances are, you’ll need those bedrooms later when your circumstances change.

2. Where Do You Spend Most of Your Time?

It can be easy to overestimate the amount of time that you spend in a certain room when picking out a floorplan. A large dining room may seem like an attractive option, but if you don’t really have a lot of sit-down dinners then this might be a waste of space that can be better used elsewhere. The kitchen, for instance, has become a modern communal gathering space for many families who like to hang out and chat about their day while cooking. In fact, many open concept kitchens are seen as extensions of the living room. When picking out floorplans, really sit down and think about where everybody spends the majority of their time. Those are the areas you want to give more square footage to.

3. Do We Have Enough Bathrooms?

Mornings can quickly turn into traffic jams if you don’t have enough bathrooms. When everybody is trying to get ready at the same time, it can make for a hectic start to the day. Large families know how tough it can be having five or six kids all vying for the shower or usage of the sink. Think ahead and plan on having enough bathrooms, both for your current needs and any future family members or guests you may have in the home.

4. Do We Have Enough Storage Space?

If you’re like most families, there’s going to be a lot of stuff that you’re going to hold onto but not necessarily use on a regular basis. Holiday decorations, home improvement equipment (tools, ladders, etc.), and family keepsakes are all things that you’ll want to have under your roof in a secure space that’s out of view. Take an inventory of those types of items and make sure you have enough storage space to accommodate them. Ideally, you’re avoiding the situation where you have to rent external storage space and/or need to sell off your valuables.

5. What Is Our Work-From-Home Situation?

The majority of businesses had to pivot in 2020, which meant that many employees found themselves in a work-from-home situation. Home offices seemed like more of a luxury a few years ago. In the current climate, people see them as being essential and are now making a point to set up dedicated workspaces. Think about your remote working needs when considering your floorplan. New home design these days often incorporates flex office space.

6. Do You Plan on Entertaining A Lot?

If you’re the type of homeowner that likes to have guests over, you’re going to need a nice big space for everyone to hang out in. Open-concept floorplans have risen in popularity over the years because they allow for a larger headcount by removing some of the walls you’d get in a traditional floorplan. The only drawback is that you give up some of the privacy those walls afford. Consider how often your home is going to be a hangout destination for family and friends. If you’re the host of regular get-togethers, the open concept floorplan may be the way to go.

7. What About the Yard?

Don’t get so caught up in the home’s floorplan that you forget about what’s going on outside. The yard is an extension of the home, so make sure that you have the right size for your needs. Some people prefer a big yard for their kids to play in and host family cook-outs. Remember though, whatever yard space you get you’re going to have to tend to. That means mowing, raking, landscaping, and everything else that will be involved with maintaining great curb appeal.

8. What Specific Style of Floorplan Do I Want?

All the previous questions should have addressed your needs and routine. The specific style of the floorplan is going to narrow your choices down so you can make a final decision. When speaking with your home building professional about new home design, they’ll be able to present you with a few different styles ranging from ranch-style, two-story, one-and-a-half, and so forth. Pick what speaks to you and meshes well with your family’s routine.

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