The Benefits of Having a Homeowners Association

March 29th, 2022

The Benefits of Having a Homeowners Association

HOAs allow new home builders in Colorado to create luxury communities

When homebuyers start looking at new construction homes in a master-planned community, they often discover they’ll have to pay homeowners association (HOA) dues as part of their covenant in the new neighborhood. This is surprising — and sometimes concerning — to homebuyers, especially if they’ve never lived in an HOA neighborhood before. Some people accept this stipulation with trepidation, while others immediately give up the search for new homes and return to the existing real estate market.

Many homebuyers looking for new builds in Colorado don’t fully understand the purpose behind a homeowners association. They’ve heard the news stories and believed that HOAs don’t add any value; they’re just one more unnecessary expense in the family’s budget. Nothing could be further from the truth. New home builders in Colorado know that to attract the type of residents one would like as neighbors; they need to offer the amenities buyers are looking for. And that’s where an HOA comes in.

What is a Homeowners Association?

An HOA is a legally incorporated organization made up of homeowners within a specific subdivision or neighborhood. The purpose of this organization is to maintain the quality of the community and protect the value of the homes within it. To accomplish this, the organization assesses dues to each HOA member. These funds go toward things such as the maintenance and upkeep of common spaces, community amenities and activities, and any professional services needed to keep the community going.

An HOA is run by a board of directors made up of volunteer homeowners who take pride in the community and are willing to help enforce the HOA’s rules and restrictions. HOA dues are mandatory, and everyone who purchases a home within the community must agree to join the organization.

Owners Benefit from HOA Involvement

While living in a community filled with requirements may not seem like fun at first, there are many benefits to living in a master-planned community that’s overseen by an HOA. Here are a few of the main advantages to homeowners.

Consistent look. HOAs often place restrictions on the architectural style of the homes built in the neighborhood. Many also have a set color palette for the exterior of the houses. New home builders in Colorado are aware of these restrictions and build new homes accordingly. The benefit to these restrictions is a neighborhood that feels like a cohesive unit instead of a collection of individual houses. This consistency may squelch the enthusiasm of some creative souls, but it also ensures no one ends up living next door to a bright pink house.

Well-kept common areas. HOA dues are used for landscaping and the upkeep of shared spaces in the neighborhood. These may include playgrounds, pools, green spaces, and a clubhouse or community center. Snow removal from neighborhood streets also falls into this category in many communities, as does neighborhood signage.

Access to amenities. Many master-planned developments have numerous amenities designed to help residents stay active and build friendships. A community center is often the hub of activities, and many master-planned communities host events coordinated by an on-site activity director. Tennis and basketball courts, yoga studios, recreation centers, swimming pools, picnic areas with barbecue grills, neighborhood parks, and walking trails are some of the many amenities homebuyers find in today’s new homes communities. And all these amenities are made possible through the HOA.

Conflict management. It’s nearly impossible to exist in complete harmony with everyone, no matter how mellow your personality. An HOA helps resolve disputes between neighbors over issues such as house colors, fence lines, loud parties, or barking dogs. The HOA acts as a mediator to bring these conflicts to resolution quickly and amicably.

Here’s an Example: Oakwood Homes Reunion

To see an HOA at work, let’s look at a master-planned community created by Colorado builder Oakwood Homes. Reunion, located in Commerce City, is a hometown neighborhood that combines the best of urban and suburban living. Residents of Reunion have access to a state-of-the-art 21,000-square-foot recreation center, complete with a gymnasium, workout facility, two outdoor pools, and several multi-purpose areas. The community also features 52 acres of parks and lakes, picnic facilities, sports fields, playgrounds, and an outdoor amphitheater, perfect for movie nights and other neighborhood events. The award-winning Reunion Coffee House is a convenient pick-me-up on the way to work or on the way home from the gym. Golf lovers will appreciate having access to the Buffalo Run Golf Course, an 18-hole links-style course in the heart of the community.

Because Oakwood Homes cares about the cities it builds in, you’ll also find new schools in this neighborhood. The Landmark Academy at Reunion and the STEAD School, both built by Oakwood Homes, bring exceptional educational opportunities for the youth of the neighborhood as well as additional opportunities for retail and entertainment growth.

Ready to Search for New Home Builders Near Me?

Oakwood Homes is one of the best-known new home builders in Colorado. Our communities offer exceptional design and convenience with some of the finest amenities in the area. If you’re searching for new homes near me, make sure you start with a visit to an Oakwood Homes community. There, you’ll see all the benefits of an HOA for yourself!