Our Favorite Ways to Use a Finished Basement

March 21st, 2022

Favorite ways to use a finished basement

New home builders in Colorado can make the space anything you want it to be

The basement is one of the most overlooked spaces in the home. Most people view the basement as a place to store items they want to keep but may not need on a regular basis — if ever. These items take up space or have no place in the general living quarters but may have enough sentimental value that they’re not easily discarded. Unused furniture from a previous home, grandma’s antique rocking chair, outgrown kids’ bikes and play tables, and trunks full of old letters and baby clothes fall into this category.

There are many uses for a basement besides storage, though. A finished basement adds hundreds of square feet of usable space to your home, increasing the home’s resale value considerably. For this reason alone, it makes sense for homeowners to take notice of this area and put it to good use.

New Home Builders in Colorado Understand the Need

It’s not uncommon these days for new construction homes to have a finished basement. New home builders in Colorado recognize the need for additional usable space and now include ideas for using the basement more effectively in their design plans. Buyers searching online for new homes near me will be surprised at the variety of ways a finished basement fills a family’s needs. They’ll also be surprised at how many new homes in the area include finished basements.

Finished Basements to Fit Your Lifestyle

Here are just a few of the most popular uses for a finished basement. Maybe one of these ideas is a good fit for your lifestyle.

Home bar and lounge. Finished basements are ideal for creating a sports bar-like area for entertaining, watching football and other sports, and hanging out with friends and family. Set the mood for your home bar with decor and lighting. Install a sink, mini-fridge, and microwave, and everything you need to enjoy game day or unwind after a busy day is right within reach. You can even install a wine cellar if you’re a wine connoisseur.

Game room. Game rooms are extremely popular with families with kids. Extending outside the traditional notion of just installing a pool table, modern game rooms include giant TVs and gaming consoles so kids can play video games with friends. Turn the basement into the neighborhood hang-out, and you’ll always know where the kids are.

Theater room. Finished basements also make great theater rooms. Install a retractable screen, a surround-sound audio system, and tiered theater seating. Grab your snacks, kick back, and enjoy the show!

Home gym. Many homeowners enjoy having their own gym in the basement. They find they’re more likely to exercise if they don’t have to drive anywhere to do it. Finish out the basement space with rubber flooring, weight machines, and treadmills. Or install wood flooring and mirrors for a yoga studio. Consistency is the key to staying in shape. And convenience is the key to consistency!

Art studio. Another great use of basement space is putting in an art studio or workshop. Projects can be started and left out until they’re finished without being in anyone’s way. Install shelving to hold art supplies and drawers and cubbies for smaller items. A sink comes in handy, too, for washing hands and paintbrushes.

Spare bedroom. Expecting guests? Many new builds in Colorado include an optional bedroom and bath in the basement. A basement guest suite is a great way to give guests a little privacy while still making them feel at home.

An apartment. Taking the spare bedroom idea one step further, why not add a small kitchen and living room to create a whole new apartment? If your home has more space than you know what to do with, renting out a basement apartment might be a good option for you.

Kids’ playroom. Many families find that finishing part of the basement as a playroom helps keep the clutter out of the upstairs living areas. A basement playroom gives the kids room to run around and let off some steam. And if they forget to clean up before heading off to bed, you won’t be tripping over toys all evening!

Home office. Another popular use for finished basement space is a home office. Downstairs home offices are often quieter and more conducive to getting work done because they’re located away from the comings and goings of other family members.

Searching for New Construction Homes with Finished Basements?

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