Finding the Perfect Features for Your Furry Friend

July 8th, 2021

Finding the Perfect Features for Your Furry Friend

Buying a New Home in Colorado That Fits Your Entire Family – Fur Babies Included!

Most consumers who are buying a new home in Colorado can’t wait to move in. Buying a house is a new adventure, and house shopping can be a lot of fun! Who doesn’t love walking through houses, daydreaming about your family gathering in the dining room, laughing together in the family room, and running around in the yard?

As you imagine what your life might look like in your new home, you’ll need to make sure you consider every member of the family, and that includes your fur babies! Finding homes that offer plenty of open space, have large yards, and are located in pet-friendly communities is key to making sure you and your family members – both two-legged and four-legged – are comfortable in your new home for years to come.

While it’s certainly possible to find an older home that offers all of these things, brand-new homes in Denver offer a great option for families of all sizes. While new homes may not have the character of older homes, they make up for that in other ways. Personalized options, modern amenities, open floorplans, convenient features, and smart technology offer a world of comfort and convenience for your entire family, including your beloved pet.

The Best Way to Get What You Want

One way to make sure your new home has everything you need is to build one that’s personalized to your likes and preferences. New home builders are getting better at keeping up and adapting to the needs of today’s consumers. It’s no surprise that more young couples opt for building a new home instead of buying an existing home.

At Oakwood Homes, one of the premier home builders in Colorado, we strive to meet — or exceed — our customers’ expectations by staying on top of the latest trends in home finishing and décor. We offer the most popular features that homeowners are looking for, including the latest in pet-friendly conveniences. All this effort pays off. Our customers are consistently delighted with the choices available when building a new home in one of our Oakwood Homes communities.

Purr-fectly Obvious

New home builders in Colorado report that an increasing number of homeowners are requesting special concessions for their furry family members. According to Rainwalk Pet Insurance’s “Top Pet Adoption Statistics”, 70% of American households own pets. This translates to 90.5 million homes and includes 63 million dogs and 42 million cats, as well as millions of other less common pets. For a majority of pet owners, dogs and cats are members of the family, and these homeowners want to make sure Fido and Fluffy have spaces of their own with all the comforts they deserve.

Here are a few of the most common pet-related features that Oakwood Home buyers love to add to their forever home. If you’re thinking of building a new home, consider some of these options to make your four-legged friend happy and comfortable in the new place.

So Doggone Practical

A pet grooming station is one of the most commonly requested features in new homes today. These stations are designed to make bathing a dog easier, more convenient, and less stressful for everyone. Pet grooming stations can be built into the laundry rooms, giving homeowners a chance to rinse the mud off Rover’s paws before entering the house. Since these spaces are made for this purpose, they allow easy access for pets and owners to move around without bumping into doors, faucets, or other obstacles. A handheld showerhead is indispensable, pointing the spray where it’s needed most and making the entire process more efficient. Another benefit? No more aching back from leaning over the bathtub!

Another dog-friendly feature that many homeowners request when building a new home is a built-in pet gate or crate. Yes, many dogs are considered family members, but there are still places in the house where dogs may not be allowed because of practical, safety, or cleanliness issues. Plus, many pets appreciate having their own cozy little den to sleep in. That’s when custom-built pet containment features are handy. These gates and crates are built to match the home’s interior, making them as unobtrusive as possible.

Purrr-fect Solutions

Cat lovers are not about to be left out when it comes to pet-friendly features in a new home. Built-in litter boxes top the list for feline companions. Litter boxes are often smelly and unsightly. Planning ahead when building a new home allows cat owners to choose an out-of-the-way spot for this necessity, hiding it from guests and keeping family members — especially the littlest ones — from kicking the litter box over or playing in it.

Cats love to lounge in the sun, but many homeowners don’t let cats outside because of safety issues. Our outdoor spaces make it easier to add your very own cat patio. Also referred to as a catio, this enclosed space gives indoor cats a safe place to play and relax.

Features Everyone Loves

There are other features that make living with pets easier and more enjoyable. Feeding stations built into kitchen cabinets or nooks keep food bowls out of sight when not in use and reduce the trip hazard these items create in many kitchens. Additional food storage is also a concern for pet owners. This is easily resolved with extra-large cabinets that accommodate giant bags of dog food.

Pet doors are a popular feature for those with fenced backyards. Pet door technology has advanced significantly over the past decade. Many pet doors are now energy-efficient, easy for pets to use, and secure enough to keep out unwanted guests of all kinds. Some pet doors can even be operated remotely through phone apps, allowing homeowners to control when pets can enter and exit the house.

Oakwood Homes Offers Features That Make Your Pet Happy

If you’re buying a new home in Colorado, let our friendly New Home Counselors help you pick out the features that make the most sense for your family’s four-legged members. Adding these features during the building process ensures that your fur-ever friends are as happy and comfortable in their new home as you are!