What is Smart Space™?

With Oakwood’s home value innovation, many of our ranch homes have a Smart Space™ design included in the plan. This extra space can be used for anything. You have the option to turn the space… Read more »

My recessed light just went out. Why?

Recessed lights have a thermal switch that may turn off if the light gets over-heated. Once it cools itself down it will reset and turn back on. Sometimes this can take a few hours.

Are my appliances covered under the Oakwood warranty?

Oakwood Homes does not warrant any appliances. Appliances are covered under warranty through the appliance manufacturer. Appliances include the stove, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. Appliance warranty cards should be sent to the… Read more »

What is considered an emergency?

The following is considered an emergency by our Customer Care Team: Loss of heat in the winter Water leaking inside the home Gas leak Loss of electricity (your house being the only home on your… Read more »