Meet the Great School Districts Near Our Master-Planned Communities

October 20th, 2022

Great School Districts Near Our Master-Planned Communities

Meet the Great Schools Near Our New Houses For Sale in Denver

Our Luxury Homes Feature Excellent School Districts

If you’re planning on moving to one of our new homes for sale in Denver, you’re likely already captivated by what Oakwood Homes’ master-planned communities have to offer. Built by the leading luxury home builders in Colorado, these new neighborhoods seem to have everything: energy-efficient homes with desirable floor plans, great appliances, and all of the extras, including thoughtful amenities. All of this might make you feel like you’ve hit the homeowners jackpot.

But what about schools? If you have a family, you’re planning to have a family down the road, or even if you don’t have children, but want to live in an area with excellent schools because of the way great education drives up home values, you’re probably curious if our new homes for sale near you have the kinds of school districts you’d want to send your kids to.

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” The schools in our master-planned communities are well-known for academics, athletics, arts, and other extracurriculars, and – importantly – a sense of community that our children deserve. Whether you’re moving to Reunion, Green Valley Ranch, Thompson River Ranch, or any of our exceptional communities of new houses, we stand behind the school districts found there.

Is a New House in Green Valley Ranch Close to Excellent Public Schools?

Green Valley Ranch is situated near several excellent schools. We know that your decision about where to send your children is an important one, and we are proud of the fact that there are several schools that will suit your child’s – and your family’s – particular needs.

Denver Public Schools features several award-winning school buildings, and provides excellent programs that support children’s social-emotional development and academic achievement, while also boasting a robust investment in athletics and the arts. Additionally, as students get older, there are many offerings for vocational and professional training to ensure they are prepared for college and the workplace. We know you’ll find something you’re looking for to help support your child’s future in the Denver Public Schools.

Additionally, there are several charter schools, including Highline Academy, Vista Academy, Kipp, Strive Prep, as well as the DSST schools, which feature Green Valley Ranch Middle School and High School. Each of these schools has multiple strengths that will interest you, depending on your particular vision for your child’s education.

There are enough outstanding options tailored to your children’s needs, and we know you’ll be pleased you chose Green Valley Ranch for your new house. You may be intrigued by our neighborhoods with finely-designed, energy-efficient homes, but you’ll want to live here for the long-run once you get to know the schools.

What Outstanding Schools are Near a New House at Thompson River Ranch?

Thompson River Ranch, a community known for outdoor activities and gorgeous, yet affordable, homes is also known for its school district, Thompson Schools. Thompson Schools offers a comprehensive package of educational offerings for students, including alternative options, options for students with special needs, dual-language immersion, gifted and talented programs, and more to ensure that all students succeed and are prepared for their adult lives.

The Thompson Schools are well-regarded, and we know you’ll be just as pleased with the schools as you are with the community with new homes for sale in the Denver-area. The facilities offered at Thompson Schools are also exceptional, including aquatics and family centers that have something for everyone, and we know you’ll feel just as welcome when you arrive.

What Great Educational Opportunities are Near Your New House in Reunion?

If you’re eyeing a home in Reunion, you’re already intrigued, we know, by the amenities offered (including the Reunion Coffee House) as well as the unique outdoor-living spaces built into our new houses, which have been constructed by our team of exceptionally talented home builders in Colorado. However, we want to make sure you’re aware of the strong educational opportunities available in the Adams County School District. Once you get to know this district’s schools and its leaders, you’ll wonder why we didn’t include the district as an extra amenity on our list of community offerings.

Adams County School District is an academically rigorous school, full of spirit, engagement, and intentional community gatherings. The district’s athletics and arts programs are consistently strong, and parents and community members are invited to be a part of the conversation about how to best prepare children for healthy, happy adult lives. Reunion is a place where people come together to share in a gorgeous neighborhood lifestyle, and nowhere is that more evident than in the schools surrounding this community.

Moving to a New House from Oakwood Homes Ensures Your Family’s Needs are Met

Getting a look at our energy-efficient homes for sale in the Denver area would make anyone wish they could have an opportunity to move here. But when you add the benefit of knowing your child’s educational opportunities are truly excellent in the place where you plan to live makes the process even more desirable.

Strong educational opportunities are what make our communities better places, and – aware of this fact – our custom home builders in Colorado made sure that our portfolio of homes are all situated near schools we know your children will be proud to call their alma maters.

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