3 Unexpected Community Amenities for Denver Homeowners

September 29th, 2022

3 Unexpected Community Amenities for Denver Homeowners

Oakwood’s Luxury Home Builders Create Communities with Unique Offerings

Newly master-planned neighborhoods are sometimes hard to distinguish from one another when they’ve been designed with the same tired ideas.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. There is a new class of luxury home builders that are changing the way we think about home and community, and this is most evident in the kinds of amenities these builders include in the neighborhoods surrounding their luxury homes.

Let’s take a look at some of our communities’ amenities, where Oakwood Homes, a premier custom home builder, is forging a new path of memorable and unique places to live, including quick move-in homes that are available now or soon.

1. The Coffee House at Reunion: A Gathering Place for the Whole Community

In our Reunion community, we’ve designed a coffee house and gathering place that’s perfect for the whole family. Open at seven a.m. almost every day of the week, you can take a brisk walk by the water, then come on in for conversation and a coffee – or any coffeehouse drink you prefer. Settle into one of our unique booths surrounded by artwork, or sit out on our large porch and enjoy our scenic community, as well as the natural beauty of Colorado.

Midday, stop in for a pick-me-up coffee or even lunch, get some work done on your laptop, or schedule a business meeting right near your luxury home. Our varied seating makes this coffee house comfortable for everyone. The Reunion Coffee House is also available for online ordering, private party rental, and catering, making the Reunion Coffee House experience something far different from your typical coffee shop.

We’ve been able to wed a small-town feel with intuitive, thoughtful, contemporary amenities to ensure we’re providing everything a neighborhood deserves in one central location for community activity, fun, and, even work. We’re also proud to share that Reunion Coffee House supports the Community Uplift Partnership (CUP) to empower young people to make smart decisions through constructive employment opportunities.

If you can believe it, this coffee shop is not the only outstanding amenity at Reunion. Our 21,000 sq. ft. rec center is a place for the whole family to get active, including a gym, workout facilities, and an outdoor pool that will definitely make the kids in your life happy, as well as your inner-child!

Oakwood Homes, a leading luxury home builder, has purposefully distinguished Reunion from other luxury home communities through these amenities, and more. Interested in moving soon? Reunion has quick move-ins available now or soon. We look forward to seeing you at the coffee shop!

2. The Beer Garden at Green Valley Ranch

Imagine your own version of a place “where everybody knows your name.” If you’re meeting friends after work to catch up, planning a date night, wanting to grab lunch somewhere family-friendly, but also perfect for adults, or, really, any other scenario you can come up with, The Beer Garden at Green Valley Ranch is a versatile, inviting place to share food, music, fun, and, of course, a robust and carefully-curated selection of draft and bottled beers.

The Beer Garden, which can accommodate up to 350 guests, serves as Green Valley Ranch’s essential meeting place for all community members. You’re likely to hear neighbors say to each other, “Meet me at our spot,” and both will know exactly what they mean. Where other luxury home communities outside of Oakwood Homes have to rely on less-centrally-located chain restaurants for lunch, dinner, happy hour, apps, or events, the community of Green Valley Ranch has a place to rely on for wonderful occasions large and small.

For quick move-in homes and all of our available homes from your custom home builders at Oakwood Homes, take a virtual tour or explore floor plans of our fine homes in Colorado.

3. Opportunities for Recreation and Adventure at Thompson River Ranch

Thompson River Ranch is already one of the most beautiful communities in Colorado. Set against a backdrop of mountains and wide-open sky, nothing says Northern Colorado quite like the Ranch. You’ll find that residents here are especially enthusiastic about the outdoors, and we’ve met their needs perfectly by designing this community near many hiking trails, an outdoor pool, clubhouse, and disc golf course.

The 18-hole disc golf course lets you play an engaging, fun, family sport to the fullest on our beautiful Colorado property. Many of our residents like to bring friends and family out to the course to indulge in a little bit of friendly competition. Always willing to help you plan an event or celebration right near your luxury home, we recommend the disc golf course as the perfect place to gather, laugh, get active, and make new memories.

Our clubhouse by the pool is another thoughtful addition to Thompson River Ranch, and includes a yoga studio, community room, and even a kitchen. Imagine bringing guests here, who will be surprised by what our luxury home builders have to offer for relaxation, celebration, and sense of community.

Whether you want to walk your dog on our trails, take a reflective stroll, perfect your disc golf game, or sunbathe by the pool, we truly do have something for everyone. If you’re reading this, and want to get in on the opportunities available in this community fast, there are quick move-in homes available at Thompson River Ranch, starting in the low 400s.

The Luxury Home Builders at Oakwood Homes Will Exceed Your Expectations at Every Turn

Oakwood Homes can offer you a community and neighborhood experience that you perhaps didn’t even know you needed until you see it for yourself.

Each of our communities offers something special for our homeowners, from recreation to great schools, shopping, golf, green space, and more.

Most importantly, however, we’ve chosen to build our custom homes in one of the most stunning places in the United States. Denver and surrounding Colorado is known for the overwhelming majesty of its natural beauty. We think that’s an amenity in and of itself, and one we are proud to be able to showcase as the backdrop to a place that you can call home.

Find your next luxury home, including quick move-in homes, by contacting Oakwood Homes today.