5 Reasons to Use Our Virtual Design Selector

July 26th, 2022

5 reasons to use our virtual design selector

5 Reasons to Use Our Custom Home Builder Virtual Design Selector


Custom Design for New Homes for Sale in Denver Is Easy With the Right Tools

When considering new homes for sale in Denver, many potential buyers find themselves overwhelmed by all the decisions that go along with this purchase. The decisions come in all sizes — from choosing the home site to picking colors for the kitchen cabinets. Buyers who’ve never built a house before may have the perception that they have to go it alone. But when looking at houses from luxury home builders like Oakwood Homes, nothing could be further from the truth.

Custom Homes from Trusted Builders

Oakwood Homes is one of Denver’s most trusted luxury home builders. As such, we have tools and processes in place to make building a new home exciting and stress-free. We also have an inventory of quick move-in homes that are ideal for buyers who need a shorter timeline to possession or who just plain don’t want to start from the ground up. These new homes for sale in Denver are the same quality as any of our custom-built homes — but they’re already nearly complete. The only thing missing is the final personalization — and that comes when a buyer decides it’s the home for them.

Designing Your Dream Home

At Oakwood Homes, we know your new home will provide many happy memories for years to come. So it’s essential that it’s exactly the way you want it. Our Virtual Design Selector can help you visualize all the options so that you can make the choices of features and finishings that perfectly suit your lifestyle.

Here are five reasons to use our Virtual Design Selector to create the look you want in your dream home.

  1. Inspiration. Our Virtual Design Selector is full of images that spark the imagination. For many homebuyers, being able to see what a room might look like makes it easier to imagine living there. Our Virtual Design Selector is filled with real-life photos of kitchens, baths, and exteriors found in Oakwood Homes communities throughout the Denver area. Play with colors, materials, features, and exterior camera angles to get an all-around view of your new home.
  2. Personalization. Our Virtual Design Selector also helps you choose the features you’ll love the most. Take the kitchen as an example. When configuring your new home, you can try out various kitchen elements to see what they’d look like. Include a recipe window over the sink. Change the countertops from one color to another. Or see what your kitchen would look like with a blue herringbone tile backsplash instead of white subway tile. Change the options as many times as you want until you get the look just right.
  3. Professional design help. Oakwood Homes has a staff of personal designers available to assist you with every detail of your new home. Once you’ve created a home you love using our Virtual Design Selector, they’ll guide you through every step to confirm your choices and ensure that every aspect of your new home turns out the way you’ve envisioned it.Our design professionals have years of experience helping people bring their visions to life. They’ll share their vast knowledge of design trends and educate you on the most popular features in today’s new homes. Many custom home builders force clients to handle all this themselves. Professional design assistance is part of the Oakwood Homes difference.
  4. Personal safety. Oakwood Homes’ Virtual Design Selector is an ideal tool for those who are concerned about personal safety. With COVID-19 still in existence, this online tool offers a way for potential homeowners to safely play with the choices involved in building a new home without leaving their current residence.
  5. More to love. The designs and ideas shown in the Virtual Design Selector are only a sampling of what’s available when you choose to build a new home in an Oakwood Homes community. Once you decide to build or buy in one of our communities, you’ll be presented with a full array of options that boggles the mind. And our professional designers will help you navigate through all of them!

Custom Home Builders Who Care

Luxury home builders are not all the same. At Oakwood Homes, we like to think we set the standard for new home luxury — at prices that fit within homebuyers’ budgets. Innovative design, efficient floorplans, local materials, and a nod toward energy efficiency make our new home communities stand out among others in the Denver area.

Whether you’re in the market to build from the ground up, or you’re more interested in quick move-in homes, Oakwood Homes has you covered. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to visit one of our Denver area communities. We think you’ll be impressed by what you see!