3 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Outdoor Spaces

August 4th, 2022

3 Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Spaces

3 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Outdoor Spaces

Oakwood Homes New Home Builders are Committed to Designs that Fit a Luxury Lifestyle, Even Outdoors

Now that we are in the heart of summertime, it’s nice to hear from so many Oakwood Homes homeowners about the ways they are using their outdoor living space to entertain, relax, enjoy outdoor hobbies, and create a quiet little haven for themselves away from the bustle of the workweek.

Our new homes for sale in Denver, Colorado are situated among the natural beauty of this state. We believe that Colorado’s pleasing views are meant to be enjoyed, so we’ve designed affordable luxury homes with outdoor living in mind.

Spend Summer Outdoors with Outdoor Living Designed by New Home Builders in Denver

Porches, decks, and patios allow you to enjoy outdoor living to the fullest. Many of us have been getting outside more than ever due to an understanding that healthy routines, including fresh air, spending time with friends, and exercise, benefit our happiness and longevity.

Here are some general ideas to get you thinking about what you can do outdoors in your living space, whether it’s a porch, patio, or deck:

  • Host a neighborhood drinks and apps party to get to know your neighbors
  • Invite a parent or friend over for a morning coffee routine
  • Use your outdoor space for “me” time, including reading or reflection
  • Host a cocktail party for old friends
  • Start a book club that meets outdoors
  • Interested in wildlife? Install a feeder, or buy a bird-identification guide
  • Have an outdoor party complete with good conversation and a firepit
  • Try to have dinner outside when the weather is perfect
  • Install a television or blow up screen outdoors to make any night movie night

Regardless of your home’s outdoor living areas, a little bit of thought, planning, and imagination can turn your outdoor space into a destination where people gather to make memories.

For more specific advice, let’s take a look at three outdoor living spaces available in our homes. Here’s how we think you can enjoy these summer spaces in style and on-trend in a home designed by our luxury home builders.

1. The Classic Porch

When homeowners are searching for new homes for sale in Denver, Colorado a porch is a necessary addition to the home.

Take, for example, a home from the Chaise model from Carriage House at Green Valley Ranch. These Oakwood Homes models include generous front porches with lots of air and openings so that the breeze passes through, and everyone can enjoy the peace and quiet of the neighborhood, and the night sky, from many vantage points.

We’ve noticed homeowners opting for outdoor seating with weather-resistant, yet fashionable cushions and pillows so you can have all the comfort of an indoor living area, outside. We’ve also loved the inclusion of beautiful and resilient plants as a simple home decor item on the porch to bring a unique dimension and texture to the landscaping.

These porches are perfect for hanging out to watch the kids go door to door trick-or-treating, or a gathering with friends for a cocktail before dinner. You can also style the pillows on this seating based on the seasons – think autumnal colors or spring pastels, for example.

2. The Patio

The Taylin model from Carriage House at Reunion features an outdoor living space most of us are quite familiar with: the patio. However, there’s more to our patios than you might expect. While many patios – years ago – were afterthoughts, the patios in the Taylin model center this feature as a prime space for any outdoor leisure you can imagine.

These gorgeous back patios become an ideal location for outdoor privacy as well as entertaining. The architects of this home knew that sometimes you want to get away to the outdoors, so the patio is accessible from the kitchen if you’re taking dinner outside. Or, if you want to be close, and yet have your time alone, one homeowner might be in the great room reading by lamp, while the other slips out onto the patio to look at the stars.

Because the kitchen and great room are merely steps away from the patio, you have space on the weekdays for all of the family to enjoy unwinding in a space of their choice, whether inside or out. This floor plan also allows you to host a party easily, and turns the patio into an additional party space. Imagine folks conversing, laughing, and swapping stories in the great room, kitchen, and on the patio at once. Now, you might finally be able to have the after-work party with your colleagues that you’d always wanted to try, but never had the space to accommodate.

Our custom home builders at Oakwood Homes have thought of every outdoor need for your lifestyle. Interested in a quick move in home? These too feature outdoor living spaces, so you can begin your outdoor living space adventure sooner than you think.

3. The Rooftop Deck

An iconic symbol of an American gathering place, decks are perfect for barbecues, larger gatherings, sunbathing, and being with friends.

A rooftop deck takes that classic image, and brings it to a whole new level. For an example, find and click the Surrey floor plan in our Carriage House at Reunion collection. While this home does include a first-level porch for relaxing, reading the news, and waving to neighbors in the mornings, move to the second-floor deck to watch the big game, host a dinner party, or gain a bit more privacy for your outdoor living when you want it.

We love that this deck is accessible from the third floor of the home, so you can host a party that spills out onto the deck. Additionally, those of us who are working in remote and hybrid offices can set up an outdoor office space to turn the comfort of working from home into a real luxury.

The rooftop deck is a versatile addition to our homes, and homeowners are hunting for this desirable feature now. How will you use your rooftop deck?

New Home Builders Who Take Outdoor Living Spaces Seriously

Oakwood Homes, your luxury home builder, considers indoor and outdoor living to be an important part of a comfortable, healthy, luxury-driven lifestyle. We are major fans of the natural, diverse, and storied landscapes of Colorado, Utah, and Arizona where we’ve built our Oakwood Homes, and we want you to experience our communities for all they have to offer.

In fact, if you’re ready to move soon, we always have quick move in homes that are available now, and in the very near future.

We’d love to give you a tour of one of our homes, so you can picture yourself enjoying the great outdoors in one of our thoughtfully designed homes. Contact us today. We’d love to partner with you as you begin your new homeowner’s adventure – which we hope will include the great outdoors.