Summer Maintenance: Seasonal Tasks Should Be On Every Homeowner’s Radar

July 13th, 2022

Summer Maintenance: Seasonal tasks should be on every homeowner's radar

Summer Maintenance: Seasonal Tasks Should Be On Every Homeowner’s Radar

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Responsible homeowners know it takes more than just writing a check to the mortgage company every month to keep a home in tip-top shape. Many systems and features need to be monitored regularly to ensure they’re working properly and functioning as they were intended.

Many homeowners like to take care of these tasks themselves because it makes them feel more involved in the care of the home. Others prefer to hire professionals to take care of maintenance tasks. Either way is fine. The important thing is that they get done!

New Homes Need Love Too

Some fans of new construction homes assume that if a home is brand new, there’s nothing that needs to be done to maintain it — at least not for several years. Nothing could be further from the truth! While new homes are less likely to have something major go wrong, regular home maintenance isn’t about fixing problems as they arise.

Maintenance is proactive, not reactive. It involves doing smaller tasks now to prevent bigger issues in the future. This means even new builds in Denver should be subjected to regular check-ups to avoid problems down the road.

Oakwood Homes Helps with Seasonal Maintenance

One of the area’s most reputable new home builders in Denver, Oakwood Homes recommends staying on top of seasonal maintenance from the day you move in. We want our clients’ experiences in our new construction homes to be delightful. That’s why we walk clients through each step of the home-buying process. And that’s how we earn our spot at the top of the home builders near me list.

But our hand-holding doesn’t stop there. Once a client moves into their new home, we offer a year of maintenance assistance through a complimentary enrollment in Shazam’s Seasonal Home Maintenance Program.

This program helps with seasonal maintenance items in a new home in an Oakwood Homes community during the first year. After that, homeowners can sign up to continue the service on their own, or they can take over the maintenance chores themselves.

Start Marking These Off

Here are a few seasonal maintenance tasks Oakwood Homes recommends for every homeowner’s summer to-do list.

  • Change the HVAC filters.
    Air conditioning and heating systems have filters on them that screen out some of the pollutants in the air and keep them from entering the home through the air vents. These filters get dirty over time, especially in the summer when trees and flowers are in bloom, and the air is filled with pollen. In the summer, filters should be checked and replaced if necessary to keep the HVAC unit running efficiently. Letting dust and pollen build up creates an unhealthy environment inside the house. It also causes the HVAC system to work harder to do its job.
  • Check the refrigerant lines for leaks.
    While checking the HVAC filters, check the air conditioning lines for leaks. Look at the lines that connect the air conditioner to the indoor evaporator coil. If there’s a leak, call in professionals to fix the problem. Refrigerant leaks cause the AC unit to work much harder than it should to keep the temperature in the home consistent and comfortable. An inefficient AC unit usually results in increased utility costs.
  • Blow out sprinkler systems and hook up outdoor hoses.
    Part of the winterizing process should include disconnecting hoses and draining sprinkler systems. So it follows that all this needs to be turned back on in the summer. Blow out sprinkler systems to ensure the lines are clear. Then turn on the water to the outdoor faucets and reconnect the hoses. Don’t forget to clean and refill any fountains in the yard too.
  • Test the water heater pressure relief valve.
    This task is critically important, but many homeowners aren’t aware that it needs to be done. Pressure often builds up in a water heater as the water warms and expands. The purpose of the water heater pressure relief valve is to relieve this built-up pressure, thereby preventing the water heater from exploding and flooding the place. The valve does its job automatically — but only if it’s working well. Testing the valve is a simple but crucial task that helps avoid major problems in the future.
  • Service sliding glass doors.
    Another summer maintenance task is servicing the sliding glass doors and tracks. A smoothly operating door that seals well is energy efficient. Before the summer backyard parties are in full swing, check the door tracks for dirt and debris, clean them, and ensure that the sliding doors seal well. Although the doors are getting used a lot, you still want to keep as much cool air in the house as possible!

Oakwood Homes Helps With Every Phase of Your New Home Purchase

If you’re searching the internet for new homes near me, save yourself some time and give Oakwood Homes a call.

We have several master-planned communities in Colorado that our residents rave about. We take the stress out of buying a new home — and out of maintaining it too. Come experience the Oakwood Homes difference for yourself today!