Resale vs. New Home: Which Is Best For You?

October 25th, 2021

Resale vs. New Home - which is best for you

Consider the benefits of both.

Many new home buyers start their search process with a quick Google search on “new homes near me.” The challenge is that this search often brings up an overwhelmingly long list of both new and existing homes currently listed for sale. Now they have their work cut out for them, sifting through the possibilities, visiting local neighborhoods as reference points, and generally trying to winnow down the list to a manageable level.

One of the first questions to consider in this situation is whether to look at new homes in Colorado or resale homes — previously owned homes that are back on the market. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The final choice depends on the floorplan and layout, energy efficiency, how much work is involved after move-in, etc. Homeowners often want ready-to-move-in homes that need no further work on their part — unless they’re looking for a big DIY project. Some people find working on their house fun and satisfying. For these folks, older homes are a good choice.

Location may also play a role in the decision, as many desirable neighborhoods are already built out. In this case, if buyers have their hearts set on an established neighborhood within the city, resale may be the only way to go.

New Homes in Colorado Stand Out

New home builders in Colorado are working hard to bring the area some of the most beautiful, most energy-efficient homes on the market today. Oakwood Homes is one of these builders. Our new home communities are full of the amenities that many homeowners are looking for: parks, playgrounds, pools, a clubhouse, and an active events calendar to help residents get to know each other. Many of our communities are very walkable and are located near the shops and restaurants residents need to conduct their daily lives.

One concern that sometimes stops home buyers from considering new construction is the timeline. New homes in Colorado can take a long time to build, especially when materials are in short supply. Buyers who are ready to move in now don’t want to wait months to build a new house from the ground up. Many builders, including Oakwood Homes, now carry an inventory of ready-to-move-in homes for just this reason. These homes are the perfect solution for buyers who like the idea of a brand-new home but don’t want to wait for one to be built.

Here are a few more factors to consider when weighing whether to buy a new home or go with a resale home.

Energy Efficiency

One of the most significant differences in new versus resale homes is energy efficiency. New homes are built to higher energy efficiency standards than most existing homes on the market unless they were built within the past few years. Generally, the older the house is, the more the buyer will spend on heating, cooling, and electricity to keep the place comfortable. Less efficient appliances, lighting, and plumbing also contribute to higher utility bills overall.

Most new homes in Colorado are built to much higher energy standards. The new home construction industry has embraced the move to more eco-friendly building processes. This mindset carries over into the systems that go into new homes. High-efficiency heating and air conditioning units, energy-saving water heaters and appliances, plumbing systems that conserve water, and LED lighting are just some of the ways in which new home builders are helping keep utility costs down for homeowners. To recognize comparable savings in a resale home, many of the existing systems and appliances would need to be replaced, and even then, the savings probably wouldn’t be noticeable.


New homes are built from modern construction materials that contain fire retardants, making them less susceptible to accidental fires. Roofing materials, siding, insulation, and carpeting all have advanced in technology to the point that today’s modern homes are much more fire-resistant than many resale homes.

Another factor to consider is that older homes, depending on their age, may contain lead paint and asbestos. These two substances may cause allergies and more severe health issues for those who are exposed to them. This isn’t an issue with new construction.

Replacement Costs

When purchasing a new home, there are virtually no replacement costs for appliances, home systems, or other aspects of the house. Everything is brand-new. This makes for an easier transition. While many resale homes include extra warranties on appliances, A/C units, and other systems, it’s not quite the same as having all new systems.

Ready-to-move-in homes have new flooring, a new roof, fresh wall coverings, and the latest kitchen appliances. There’s not much that will break anytime soon. This provides comfort to many homeowners.

Resale Value

Another thing to consider is the resale value of the property. This is something buyers don’t often think about since they’re just getting started in the house. Moving out may seem like a long way off, but sometimes life brings unexpected situations. A new home in a modern community with plenty of amenities may hold its value better than a resale home in an older neighborhood.

Oakwood Homes Is Your Go-To for Move-In Ready Homes

If you’re searching for “new homes near me,” stop by one of our new home communities and take a look at our ready-to-move-in homes. They’re already built and are just waiting for you to make the final feature choices that make them your own. We’ll walk you through the purchase process and help you get connected with your new community in no time. Welcome to the neighborhood!