Home for the Holidays: A Kitchen Fit for Entertaining

December 7th, 2021


New home builders in Colorado have holiday kitchen needs covered!

Planning for holiday entertaining can be stressful at times, especially if your house is on the small side. There’s often some creative logistical planning that has to take place to ensure that all guests are comfortable, have a place to sleep, and have reasonably convenient access to bathrooms throughout the house.

One room that’s often overcrowded during the holidays is the kitchen. No matter how many other gathering areas there are in the house, people seem to gravitate to the kitchen, where they stand around chatting during meal preparations, often lending a hand. If your kitchen doesn’t allow for this type of socializing, it may be time to start a search for new homes near me to see what comes up.

New Homes, New Kitchens

One of the best ways to ease the stress of holiday entertaining is to have the right-sized kitchen to keep everyone well-fed during their visit. New construction homes take care of this challenge handily. Most new builds in Colorado feature modern kitchen designs and the latest in kitchen appliances and technology. These homes provide everything you need to entertain comfortably during the holidays.

Oakwood Homes is one of the area’s leading new home builders in Colorado. Our neighborhoods are built around community. This means every facet of our new homes is designed for entertaining friends and neighbors, having the family over for dinner, or sharing beverages and burgers in the backyard.

Here’s a quick look at the kitchen features buyers find when they Google home builders near me and click on Oakwood Homes.

Room to Move Around

A practical design layout is one of the features that makes a kitchen most useful, especially during the holidays. Open space and clear sightlines to sitting areas and living areas allow the cook to converse easily with visitors while still having space to move around during meal prep time.

New builds in Colorado often feature open floor plans with lots of light and room to move around. Kitchens are conveniently laid out with function in mind and space for more than one chef to meet the dining needs of family and friends.

An Island as Focal Point

Many new homes feature a work island in the kitchen area. This work-horse has become a must-have for many cooks, providing a focal point that’s practical as well as beautiful. A kitchen island provides additional space for meal prep and serving. It also typically serves up extra seating for guests, keeping them out of the way of the chef and keeping them out of harm’s way as hot dishes emerge from the oven.

Modern Appliances

Another benefit of new builds in Colorado is the presence of brand-new, state-of-the-art kitchen appliances. Modern appliances look great and function well. They’re also energy-efficient, an added bonus for homeowners.

When guests come to stay, it often seems as if someone is always hungry. Having a large refrigerator, a commercial-grade or double oven, and extra burners on the stovetop make preparing a large meal and storing leftovers much easier and more convenient. Those late-night snackers will have no problem accessing the leftover turkey and gravy, and they can heat it themselves in the oven or the microwave. That takes the burden off you!

Cabinets and Storage

It’s much easier to complete any task in an uncluttered environment. This goes for the kitchen, too. Many new homes feature clever storage spaces and appliance garages designed to reduce countertop clutter. However, they still provide easy access to the things homeowners frequently use, such as coffeemakers, blenders, and mixers. Pull-out shelves and walk-in pantries are also popular items in many of today’s kitchens.

The best-designed kitchens make the best use of every available nook and cranny. Corner cabinets may feature hinged doors and lazy-Susans that make it easier for homeowners to access pots and pans or mixing bowls. Built-in spice racks keep small bottles and jars in one place and neatly organized. Some homeowners are even adding separate coffee stations that make it simple for guests to brew a cuppa-joe and serve themselves when they get up in the morning. These coffee stations can then be hidden away behind closed doors when not in use, keeping the kitchen nice and tidy.

Let New Home Builders in Colorado Help You Entertain this Holiday Season

There are many ways that good kitchen design can help when entertaining crowds during the holidays. If your kitchen doesn’t measure up, check out new homes near me to see homes that feature the latest in modern kitchen design and functionality.

If you’re looking for a builder of new construction homes who knows what people want, look no further than Oakwood Homes. Our professional interior designers help clients create the home of their dreams — including the kitchen of their dreams! We’ll help you navigate through the most current kitchen design trends. We’ll create a space that’s beautiful, functional, and truly serves as the heart of the home. You’ll be ready to entertain guests in no time!