Feature Spotlight: Spaces Dads Will Love In Their New Home Build

June 15th, 2022

Spaces Dads will love in their new home build

A Search for New Homes Near Me Brings Up Customizable Options

When new home builders in Colorado open a new home community, they often talk more in their advertising about the fabulous amenities than any other aspect of the community. That’s because so many of today’s homebuyers are looking for a neighborhood that’s easy to fit into — one with plenty of opportunities to get involved with others, stay active, and make friends. A home, in other words.

But there’s another aspect of today’s new builds in Colorado that deserves equal, if not more, attention. Each new home for sale has to meet the unique needs of individual family members, providing a place to relax and enjoy the activities they like most. Whether it’s whipping up special dishes in the kitchen or puttering in the yard, today’s new home builders in Colorado find homeowners are more demanding than ever when it comes to their own special kind of place.

Personalization is the Key to Happiness

With Father’s Day approaching, it seems fitting to explore a few spaces that might fill Dad’s needs. Those looking for home builders near me will find a variety of potential “dad spaces” in a new home built by Oakwood Homes. Oakwood is one of the area’s premier new home builders in Colorado. We strive to ensure that every family member has what they need when it comes to comfort, convenience, and interest. Dads included!

Read on to learn more about the top spaces dads are looking for these days. Then give Oakwood Homes a call to set an appointment to look at our available new homes for sale in the Denver metro area. We think you’ll be impressed.

Outdoor Kitchen

What dad doesn’t enjoy grilling steaks and burgers outdoors? And what family doesn’t enjoy eating them? Outdoor kitchens with grill areas are high on the list of favorite dad spaces. Outdoor kitchens typically open up to the backyard, providing a delightful view for alfresco dining.

They’re convenient, too. Kids can play in the yard while parents fix the meal. Incorporating an outdoor dining area into the design means there’s no longer a need to haul food through the house to be served in the dining room, reducing the potential for spills. And there’s nothing better than enjoying a cold beverage with friends on a warm spring evening.

An outdoor kitchen puts Dad in the middle of the action during mealtime preparations rather than being shunted off to a corner of the yard. He’ll love the space so much he may decide to add an outdoor pizza oven, too!

Private Office

The employment landscape has changed over the past two years, and many dads work from home these days. But it’s challenging to focus on business while sitting at the kitchen table. Oakwood Homes offers floor plans with a flex room, the perfect solution for Dad.

Turn the flex room into a private office where he can make phone calls and get on conference calls without interruption. He may want to add a couch for quick catnaps after lunch. A private office is more conducive to concentration and boosts productivity, helping Dad get more done in a shorter amount of time. Who knows? He may not have to work as many hours as a result!

Hobby Room

Another good use of a flex room is to turn it into a hobby room so Dad can pursue his favorite pastime. Maybe he builds model trains. Or perhaps he’s a fisherman who likes to tie his own flies. A hobby room provides plenty of space for a worktable and all his supplies. You might even want to install a sink so he can wash up when he’s through.

Garage Space

Many of Oakwood’s new builds in Colorado have three-car garages. For families with only two vehicles, this opens up many possibilities. The garage has long been Dad’s domain. An extra garage bay gives him a place to store tools and power equipment or recreational vehicles like motorcycles, bicycles, golf carts, UTVs, or a riding lawnmower. Maybe he likes to fix up old cars. Having extra space in the garage allows him to fulfill his dream of restoring that old Mustang!

Another clever way to use garage space is to wall it off and convert it into Dad’s personal sports bar. Add a bar, a sink, and a refrigerator. Hang a flat-screen TV on the wall. Then bring in high-top tables and stools or couches and recliners. Dad can host his friends during sports events, and they can cheer as loudly as they want. The rest of the family can enjoy the peace and quiet indoors.

In-Home Theater

Many dads enjoy a good movie now and then. How about finishing out the basement during the construction of your new home and turning it into Dad’s Drive-In? Add a retractable movie screen, a surround-sound system, and theater seating, and Dad will be all set for movie night. Maybe he’ll invite the rest of the family, too. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Searching for a New Home for Sale? Keep Dad in Mind!

Oakwood Homes communities have multiple floor plans to choose from, all of which can be personalized to meet your family’s needs. Not only that, but our homes are located in some of the nicest new home communities in the area.

Amenities such as swimming pools, recreation centers, parks, and walking trails grace our neighborhoods. Several of our communities have schools that are onsite or nearby, too. Everything you need is right here, including spaces dads will love. Give Oakwood Homes a call today!