Energy-Efficient Homes: Why We Love Them and You Will, Too

August 10th, 2021

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There’s a lot of talk in the residential new construction industry these days about energy-efficient homes. That’s because consumers have realized all the benefits that come with living in modern energy-efficient new homes. The shift to energy-efficient homes has been gradual by both consumers and home builders. But as manufacturers improve the efficiency ratings of their products, home builders in Colorado Springs are incorporating more of these systems and features into new builds, creating new home communities that are all about sustainability and eco-friendliness as well as energy savings for the new homeowner.

Oakwood Homes builds energy-efficient new homes in Colorado that meet or exceed industry standards when it comes to energy efficiency. Read on to learn more about the benefits of living in new homes designed and built by Oakwood Homes.

Maintaining a Barrier Between Inside and Out

Energy-efficient homes work because they keep conditioned air inside the home. The primary way to do this is by creating a barrier between the inside of the home and outside temperatures. Windows, doors, siding, and the roof all work together to hold conditioned air inside the house, keeping it at the temperature you prefer. This means that in the summer, your air conditioner runs less because cool air stays inside the home. During the winter, the furnace doesn’t struggle to warm the place because heated air stays inside where it belongs; it’s not escaping through the roof or around the windows. The result is a more comfortable living environment. Temperatures remain constant, and the cost of heating and cooling the place goes down, often resulting in substantial savings for homeowners.

Using Less Energy Overall

Another way to add to the energy efficiency of new construction homes is to use energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and other home electronics. Many of these items have ENERGY STAR® labels clearly displayed. ENERGY STAR is a government-backed program. This symbol tells consumers that the product they’re looking at meets specified requirements for energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR homes are at least 10% more energy efficient than homes built to standard codes.

At Oakwood Homes, we have our own rating system — with an EnergySmart guarantee to go with it. A new home community built by Oakwood Homes is filled with the most innovative, efficient homes on the market. We use low-flow water fixtures that carry a WaterSense label from the EPA guaranteeing they’re 20% more efficient than comparable water fixtures. Our homes use 39% less energy overall, too, thanks to energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and electronics. Ultra-efficient heating and cooling systems keep the place comfortable year-round resulting in lower utility bills for owners. No wonder our communities are so popular!

A Better Building Process

Oakwood Homes is proud to support global and national sustainability efforts. We do that, not only through the appliances and home systems we install, but also throughout the build process. Walls, floors, and trusses are pre-assembled for quicker installation. We use the most advanced building techniques to maintain strength and consistency from the time we break ground to move-in day. We also closely monitor raw materials, using only what’s needed and nothing more. This reduces waste and helps us keep building costs to a minimum.

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index

The HERS index is the industry standard when it comes to measuring the energy efficiency of both existing and new homes. It’s also a nationally-recognized method used for inspecting and calculating a home’s energy performance. A HERS Index score provides homeowners with information that can be used to increase the home’s efficiency to gain greater energy savings. The more energy efficient a home is, the better its resale value.
On the HERS rating scale, a lower number is better. Typical resale homes come in around the 130 mark, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. This high score is most likely the result of outdated building codes and less-efficient appliances and home systems. Most new builds have a score of around 100, considerably better than existing homes.

We’re pleased to say that all Oakwood Homes are inspected by a certified third-party home inspector and consistently receive a HERS Index score of between 55 and 61, far lower than most new construction homes on the market today. We’re proud of that achievement. It means a better value for home buyers, increased savings on utility costs, and a more comfortable living space in which to make memories with loved ones.

Our Pledge to You

We’re so confident that our homes are the smartest, most energy-efficient homes on the market that we guarantee it in writing. Our EnergySmart Guarantee assures buyers that for two years after the home is built, it will remain as energy efficient as the day they moved in. If energy costs exceed the estimated energy usage on the HERS Rating Report for the home, we reimburse the homeowner for 100% of the overage, based on annual energy usage. That’s putting our money where our mouth is!

Oakwood Homes is Your Solution for Energy-Efficient Homes in CO

There’s so much to love about new homes in Colorado. Many of them meet all the criteria for beauty and functionality. But if you’re searching for new homes near me that exceed industry energy efficiency standards, you’ll find one builder that stands out. That’s Oakwood Homes.
Contact us today for more information about our new home communities. And get ready to enjoy all the benefits of your new energy-efficient home!