What is a Quick Move-In Home, and Should I Buy One from a Colorado Home Builder?

June 27th, 2022

What is a Quick Move-In Home, and Should I Buy One from a Colorado Home Builder?

Get into a new home community in record time.

When people think of new construction homes, they often think of a long, drawn-out process that starts with picking out a lot and ends (months later) on moving day. Although that scenario is common in a new home community, it’s not the only way to go. Many master-planned communities feature showcase homes, otherwise known as quick move-in homes, which essentially give buyers a jump-start on the process. Many of these new builds in Colorado are ready for move-in within a matter of weeks.

Sometimes You’re Just in a Hurry

Building a home from the ground up is exciting if you have the time. If not, it can be extremely stressful. If you’re settled in your current home and aren’t in a rush to sell, you probably have plenty of time to wait while your new house is built. Time is on your side, and you can take as long as you need to pick out the features and personalized touches that best suit your preferences.

However, if you’re moving into the area to start a new job and need to get settled quickly before the kids start the new school year, that’s an entirely different scenario. Suddenly, it’s critical that your search for “new homes near me” lands results in a suitable neighborhood in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s where quick move-in homes can be invaluable.

What is a Quick Move-In Home?

Many Colorado builders build homes on speculation (spec), meaning they build new homes without having buyers already committed to buying them. Spec homes can be either fully or partially built. If they’re fully built, they’re often decorated by the builder’s professional staff of interior designers to give potential customers a view of what’s possible in their new home. These decorated homes are then used as showcase or model homes. Keeping a steady inventory of model homes allows the builder to show off the floorplans, features, and other design elements that make their homes unique.

This inventory has another purpose, though. When a customer needs a shorter ramp to moving day, these homes are also used as quick move-in homes. At any given time, most Colorado home builders have several spec homes in inventory in various stages of completion. So whether the client is looking for new homes that are fully built, have just been started, or are somewhere in between, these quick move-in homes fit the bill.

Is a Quick Move-In Home Right for You?

A quick move-in home may be the right choice for you if you’re relocating to the area and have an urgent need for housing. While many incoming residents are content to rent an apartment or a house for a year or so while they hunt for a house, this solution has some drawbacks.

Renting a house or apartment doesn’t provide equity in an asset. It’s kind of like throwing your money away. Renting a place also means that you’ll have to move a second time, a prospect that most people find distasteful because of the disruption to schedules and routines. And trying to find a decent place to rent under pressure sometimes lands you in an area of town you wish you had researched more thoroughly.

Rather than being locked into a lease for a year, you may want to look at purchasing a quick move-in home instead?

Other Benefits to a Quick Move-In Home

Besides the shortened time to moving day, there are other benefits to buying a quick move-in home.

It’s brand new. A quick move-in home is all new. That’s true whether it’s already fully built or only halfway complete when you enter the process. A new home has new everything — finishes, appliances, lighting, heating and cooling systems, roofing. There’s virtually nothing to go wrong. If there is an issue, the manufacturer’s warranty probably covers it. Many Colorado home builders also offer their own warranty programs for homeowners. These programs provide additional protection and security against unforeseen problems or faulty workmanship. They may also include a partnership with other trusted companies that can take care of issues should they arise.

It’s the same quality. Quick move-in homes are built to the exact quality specifications as any of the other new homes in the community. They use the same high-quality materials, technology, and finishes as a home built for a client from the ground up. They also enjoy the same energy efficiency ratings. There’s no corner-cutting here. The only thing that gets cut is the time to take possession!

It’s ready for viewing. One of the benefits that buyers love the most is the fact that a quick move-in home is ready for a walk-through. It’s much easier to visualize living in a house if you can walk through it first. You get a chance to view the neighborhood too. This allows you the opportunity to ensure that you like what you see before making your final decision.

Looking for a New Home Community? Oakwood Homes Can Help!

If you’re moving to the area and need a place to live in a hurry, skip the Internet search for “home builders near me” and give Oakwood Homes a call instead. We’re one of the area’s most experienced new home builders. Our selection of new construction homes includes quick move-in homes that are ideal for people on the move. We’d love to show them to you along with all the amenities our communities have to offer. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!