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Our designers are here to help you visualize exactly what you’re looking for in your new home.

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What to Expect at your Design Center Appointments

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    Interior Finish Selections

    2-3 Hours

    Welcome! You will be guided through the showroom and pick the interior finishes for your new home. Your Designer will have pricing available to share with you during this time. Once your first appointment concludes, your designer will input all your selections and send you an itemized price list. You’re welcome to take pictures of all your choices during this appointment. Nothing is final at this point, so we suggest treating this appointment as a wish list for you to be able to prioritize what is most important to you and what will ultimately meet your needs and personal budget.

  • Stopwatch

    Between appointments you will have time to review your choices and determine if any changes need to be made. We strongly encourage you to reach out to your Designer during this time if you wish to adjust or discuss any of your selections.

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    Finalize Design Selections

    1-2 Hours

    The purpose of the second or final appointment is to review and finalize all your design selections. We will also review product care and expectations, long-term maintenance and warranty. It is important to have all individuals listed on the sales agreement to be present at the final appointment as we will be signing off on all design choices.

Tips for a Carefree Appointment

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    Get a Vision

    This is your time to get creative! Before your appointment, have fun with watching your favorite Interior Design shows on HGTV, searching pictures of design that inspires you online and create a Pinterest Board, or tour our model houses and take pictures of ideas, colors schemes, and textures that you would love in your new home. All of this will help your Designer achieve the look you desire that fits your lifestyle.

    To help spark some ideas, view our idea boards here:

    Oakwood Homes on Houzz


    Create a Budget

    At the New Home Center, you will be partnered with a Professional Designer that will help you achieve the look you want and stay within your budget

    It’s also helpful for you to have identified what your personal budget will be towards design center selections or choices. We encourage you to share that with your Designer so they can help you stay on track.  We’ve found that speaking with your home loan officer to identify your buying power and estimated monthly payments prior to your New Home Center design appointments can help you not feel overwhelmed based on pricing alone.

    Spend Time with Us

    The time you spend at the New Home Center will vary depending on your community, floor plan, and home features. Please plan on spending at least 2 appointments that last 3 hours each with us. There is a lot of decisions to make, and we want you feel one hundred percent confident and comfortable in personalizing your design selections. A third appointment may be needed but we will walk you through it when we call to schedule. This may seem like a long process, but we promise we’ll make it a fun experience!

    Know What to Expect

    This is your opportunity to create your wish list! We partner with top brands so you can count on quality. Pricing for option selections will be available throughout the design process.

    Follow these tips and we promise you’ll have a fun and memorable experience at the Oakwood New Home Center.

    Design Studio Locations

    Click a location below see local design center features, virtually walk around the space, see inspirational photos, schedule an appointment, and get directions.


    • Q: How do we schedule our appointments?

      We will be reaching out directly to schedule your design appointments with one of our professional Interior designers shortly after you go under contract.

    • Q: Is a deposit collected at the Design Center?

      Yes, bring a personal check, cashier’s check or money order to the final design appointment. We do not accept credit cards.  For deposit details refer to your purchase agreement or speak with your Sales Counselor for further clarification.

    • Q: How quickly after I write contract will I complete my interior choices?

      To keep your home on schedule and moving forward, you should expect to have all your design selections finalized within 30-45 days from contract depending on your market and sales purchase agreement.

    • Q: Who should come to the appointments?

      Due to the busy nature of each appointment and the many choices to consider, it is important that only the decision makers are present to maximize your 1×1 time with your designer. It is recommended to not bring children to the design appointments. Safety is our main concern as we have loose heavy product samples that are not child friendly.

    • Q: Can we pay for all of our upgrades out of pocket during our design appointment?

      We only collect a portion of your upgrades in the form of a deposit at your final design appointment. If you would like to pay for your upgrades out of pocket instead of rolling the price into your home load, you will need to speak with your lender to set up a plan for this at the time of your closing.

    • Q: What do I need to bring to my appointments?

      Create a budget for your interior choices. Speaking with your home loan officer to identify your buying power and estimated monthly payments prior to your New Home Center design appointments can help you not feel overwhelmed based on pricing alone. Also, bring inspiration for design styles you want your new home to look like.

    • Q: Can I receive pricing prior to my visit?

      Since no two houses are the same, we don’t provide pricing in advance.  Group numbers, floor plan, and structural options all affect your overall pricing at NHC. Your community Sales Counselor will be able to provide you with an average upgrade amount we are currently seeing other home buyers building your same plan investing in NHC upgrades. Rest assured, your designer will help guide you to selections to fit within the personal budget you have communicated. The choices are always yours.